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Update #884

Post by freebrickproductions » Tue Feb 25, 2020 1:09 am

A much smaller update this time around, containing only 995 pictures and 19 crossings (all new), but I'm finally working through my backlog from states whose name doesn't start with the letter A! In fact, I already pretty much have the rest of the year planned out for what will be updated in which month, which should help decimate my personal backlog this year. Also, with this update, we've finally gotten some crossings in New York that aren't in Mechanicville!

44 pictures and 1 video of 1 new crossing in Soda Springs, CA
164 pictures and 1 video of 6 new crossings in Truckee, CA
19 pictures and 1 video of 1 new crossing in Turlock, CA
318 pictures and 6 videos of 5 new crossings in Garden City, NY
108 pictures and 2 videos of 1 new crossing in Mineola, NY
221 pictures and 4 videos of 3 new crossings in New Hyde Park, NY
121 pictures and 2 videos of 2 new crossings in Stewart Manor, NY
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